New Camping Lantern for your Next Outdoor Getaway

New Camping Lantern for your Next Outdoor Getaway

The 720 Lumen rechargeable light illuminates the surroundings of the lamp, but when deployed, it becomes a ceiling light that illuminates directly below, and it also can be used as a power bank to charge your electronics or used as a window breaker which may save your life.

10,000mAh Large Capacity Battery allows charging a mobile phone in emergency situations that no need to worry about losing the power of the phone during the camping trip.

This camping lantern can be hung on the hook by the handle for easier use. You could also carry it at ease for campsite tasks like cooking, pitching a tent, and midnight bathroom runs.

Choose from 3 different colors temperatures by short-pressing the top knob, or rotating the knob to adjust the brightness. With a wide range of options, it can be used in a variety of usage scenarios.

A combination of camping lantern, flashlight, atmosphere light, and backup battery. Transform your campsite into a warm, inviting, livable outdoor space. Suitable for camping, blackouts, hiking, reading, emergency, or tent lighting. You need to own one!

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